The Foreign Language School XPerience was created by Anthony Pardalios, Susana Kontaraki and Katerina Pardaliou. Their desire was to make a substantial contribution to the the education and learning of foreign languages by bringing to the field new ideas and at the same time keeping old values. Their academic education and long professional experience in the field of education has helped in providing a high standard of educational learning.

The Foreign Language School XPerience applies advanced programs with rich audio-visual material and innovative teaching methods for all class levels. The focus is on the individual student and his needs, supported by a personalised approach in a way that no one is lost or ignored in the classroom. There is an emphasis, however , on students working together and learning from each other as a group.

The Foreign Language School XPerience provides experienced and dedicated teachers most of whom are also native speakers of the language they teach, so that our students not only receive proper language skills but also come into contact with the culture of the language they study.

The Foreign Language School XPerience believes in a strong foundation in a language. Only with this strong foundation can a higher or proficient level be acquired, therefore, along with up to date technology, we still emphasise in strong Listening and Reading comprehension skills appropriate Writing skills and proper Use of language skills.

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